New: more fresh content!

New: more fresh content!

News and blogposts related to beer, wine and spirits

A while ago we promised you through our social media channels another website update and here it is! During the summer holidays we've been working together with our friends from Creative Data on realizing this brand new blog module.

You were right that you just had to wait way too long before you stumbled upon new content on our website. The reason for that is the making of a new short video doc just takes a lot of time... our spare time that is. We are really happy to say that we are able to cover most of our expenses thanks to our sponsors and donations on Patreon. But Tasty Tales is still a hobby/side-project and we really can't do this without our freelance jobs that provide our income.

Tasting at Wijndomein Aldeneyck in Belgium

News & Tips on Beer, Wine and Spirits

But from now on, while you patiently wait for a new upload of another short video, we can present you more fresh content on any relevant topic related to beer, wine and spirits! In our short videos we will still mainly focus on The Netherlands and Belgium for now, but in our blogposts we might also explore what's going on in other countries around the world.

Don't know about you, but when we're on vacation we usually can't resist to pay a visit to any nearby brewery, winery or distillery and we'd love to share those experiences with you. Who knows where your next vacation will bring you... and of course you don't want to take that risk of not knowing where to find that nearby passionate producer of your favourite drink!