Brouwerij De Vlijt
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Brouwerij De Vlijt

The Netherlands

"Within a year we were selling 40.000 litres..."

Craftbrewery De Vlijt started out under the name Het Achterom as a small brewery in the city of Apeldoorn but couldn’t meet the demand anymore because of the growing interest. A new brewery, Veluwse Schavuyt, was founded and established in the boiler room on the premises of the former Zwitsal factory, a unique industrial heritage.

The name has changed in the course of 2013 in Apeldoornse Bierbrouwerij De Vlijt. Nowadays there is a weekly produce of about 3,000 liters of craft beer. They also take their social responsibility as a business, and that means, among other things, including people with poor job prospects in the work process.